Thursday, September 30, 2010

on the farm :: fruit

I am going to be a very busy woman next year....applesauce, apple pie filling, dehydrated apple rings. You get the picture. This year we didn't get as many apples as there normally is because of the spring weather we had. Even so the kids and I have taken great pleasure in walking out to the yard and picking an apple off of one of the seven apple trees that we can chose from. Seven! We are so loving that.


 There is also a Ginormous (!) grape arbor. It is amazing...Lewis really built things of quality when he lived here. It looks like a large chia pet gone crazy doesn't it. Someone has been secretly feeding it miracle grow. Add learning to prune a grape arbor to my list of new things to do. Not too much pruning though because I am clearing out the weeds under there so Sophie and Hannah can have a secret place to play. It really is that big under there and they will have so many great memories.

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