Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Berry picking

I haven't been blackberry picking for a couple of years. When we took walks in town I would nibble as we saw them, but out here it is relaxing to go out and pick. No worries about pesticides here. Have I said how very blessed I feel to be here? ~grin~I want to be able to savor blackberry pies and cobblers in the middle of the winter months. Hot berry concoctions with melting vanilla ice cream dripping off the top....can't wait!
We picked along the fence line in the pasture and then went for a trip down into the slough area of our property. It's like a magical forest land down peaceful.

What are you enjoying in this beginning fall season?


  1. Beautiful post, Lori! Us? Eating the last of the fruits of the season--pears, raspberries, a few garden veggies here and there.

  2. Hi Kerri, our pears are still rock hard here. Not sure if they will ripen all the way this year. lol


  3. mmmm...blackberry cobbler!

    we are looking forward to apple picking next week. we will be making applesauce and, of course, apple pie!