Wednesday, March 7, 2012

two parties :: one sweet girl

 The baby is 10. Where did the time go?
On Sunday we had a friend birthday party. Aliss (17) made a small treasure hunt for their goody bags.
We ate birthday cake that Sophie helped frost and sprinkle and ice cream, homemade refried beans topped with cheese and a couple of pizzas.

 Then on the day of her birthday, Tuesday we were going to have family over, but all four of the kids ended up with sore throats and stuffy heads. Tessa and Elijah still came out. We ate sloppy lasagne and the first cheesecake I ever made. I had lots of encouragement from friends and family on Facebook about my intimidation with the cheesecake. hehe Once I got started it was easy!


our tradition is to have breakfast in bed on your birthday. this year was quite different. Aliss was in school for choir and Tessa has gotten married and moved out. Zack was sick sleeping. So it was my two youngest girlies and myself. My momma was on the speaker phone though. love that.

My girl Sophie has such a big heart and is filled with so much life. I love her so much! Happy day to me to have her as MY GIFT for TEN YEARS now.

such love this girl.


  1. How sweet! Love the breakfast in bed thing... I may have to start that with the kids in my life ;0)

    1. Hi Marie :o) Breakfast in bed is the cherished tradition around here for sure. I save my gift for the birthday child for that time too. I am sure that the kids in your life would feel SO SPECIAL :o)