Thursday, March 8, 2012

agape :: an ear

Do you know what one of the best ways to show that you care is? listening. yep, it's that simple.

But it seems to be the hardest thing to do sometimes. Our world is so busy and we are worn out so we turn to media to go on emotional/intellectual vacation at the end of the day. this last week I have had to say "can you say that again? I really do want to hear what you have to say" several times to my two youngest daughters. I do not want my legacy to be one of half hearted connection. We think people don't notice when we are half-way there, but they do.

a term I learned in my counseling classes is "active listening". The fact that the word active is in there has a hint that it takes work right? so much swirling in our heads.

we don't have to solve the world's problems when listening...sometimes a person just needs to know that someone hears them.

Happy Thursday to you!

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