Monday, March 19, 2012



1 a : steadfastness of mind under duress : fortitude b : fidelity, loyalty
2 : a state of being constant or unchanging

It  seems to be a fleeting idea that days could have some sort of constancy to them. To wake and know what the day will bring. Why this need to know? fear can be disguised as control...

When I know what is coming do I feel more secure? yep! You bet! That isnt showing much trust though. I feel more and more frustrated that my security seems to depend upon control or knowledge. 

Every Spring the apple trees blossom...

do I need to know when this happens to feel secure? there is a constancy that is within life that we need not know when, but instead trust the Giver of it all.

learning to quiet myself more while listening and trusting...

read a devotion written by a single mom here...she sums my feelings up rather nicely

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