Wednesday, February 1, 2012

labor of love

Evidence below of part of my absence for so many months. My beloved home had a transformation. I loved it before it's make-over, but now....oh the happiness and gratitude I feel every time I drive up. I call the color "God's Glory" because that is what it reminds me of...all warm, regal, a shining reminder of His power, faithfulness and love.

I like t think that Lewis and Carol who lovingly tended this home and its property for many, many years would love the changes too. Enjoy your tour and see ya at the end ;o)

The house was an incredible amount of work and decisions in the midst of it. Did you know that decisions reduce your glucose levels? Really, I have been learning about that in college. When people were in studies and had to make decisions that were hard and took willpower then it left them with less willpower to make other choices or handle stress after it. hmmmmm...explains a lot for me. hehe

It was a joy to work with Miller Tile and Construction though. Don Sr and Don Jr are quite the all around awesome contractors and wonderful around family living. No questionable language or attitudes coming from these guys. We miss them around here.

USDA (my loan holders) said the whole exterior had to come off and so it did. phew! Much of the pilings (upright beams) under the house had to be replaced, new electric panel, some new wiring, rock and topsoil shoveled around the whole exterior of the house and on and on.

I am still reminding myself that it is done and I can r.e.s.t.

I love it! When weather warms up a little and I have the inside a bit more organized then I am going to finish up the kitchen. Building an island, laying tiles and making cabinet doors and drawers and painting cabinets that are already here.

the labor of love huh?


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