Thursday, February 9, 2012

dreaming of spring

The day before last was sunny and spring-like. I fed the horse some baby carrots for a treat in my morning chores and headed to the chicken coop to let them out of their house. Owen the cat called to me to lay down in the warm grass and scratch his tubby tummy and who am I to object? wink

After laying down with Owen on the grass carpet, I realized then that it had been way too long since I have taken a moment. A moment to just breath and watch around me.

Chickens scratching in their yard.
Blue Jays cawing at them to share their food.
Chickadees flitting from tree to tree and
cloud wisps drifting lazily across the sky with no me at that moment.

I scratched the tubby tummy of Owen and continued on to see what other wonders were about. I took a walk through the wintered-over garden. Walking about pulling up tomato stakes and small branches that were used to stake out peas. Taking a good hard look at this garden that is about ready to head into only its second year .... and with so many expectations from me for it.

I dug around for a bit and then talked to my oldest daughter on the phone for a bit. Sophie and Hannah joined me and seeing me hoeing at the ground said that they would like a try in their own sections. short-lived and comical was the 3 or 4 passes that they made with the hoe. very comical.

Zack saw me struggling to free rhubarb out of a tire that had grown too small for it and came to my rescue. Some of the roots were around 3 inches in diameter and were all intertwined. I would say its time to transplant don't you?

The dreaming of what goes where in the garden has begun! It's time to pull out the heirloom seed catalog again and order the seeds that I circled in the cold, dark winter days.

Are you dreaming of Spring?

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