Monday, February 13, 2012

breakfast and sharpening knifes

On her last visit my momma taught me an easy way to sharpen a straight-edged knife...
go to your cupboard take out a coffee cup or another ceramic dish that has a raised edge at the bottom of it where isn't any glazing...
put a little water on it and run the edge of one of the sides of the knife blade pulling it toward you several times...
flip the knife blade over and run that side pushing away from you.

tada! sharp knife :o)

Can ya tell I ate steak and sunny side up eggs this a.m? yum! and with a sharp knife too :o)

I found that I would rather buy a roast and cut thin breakfast steaks from it than yo pay for it to be cut packaged that way by someone else. love saving money!

And the eggs...the girls (chickens) are picking up speed with eggs being laid. Loving not having to add eggs to the grocery list anymore. We are getting enough to last a day at this point for our breakfasts. I am sure that Zack would love full production for his egg salad sandwiches though. hehe


Hope your day is a GREAT one!

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