Monday, December 27, 2010

Homey Christmas

As Christmas Season started this year  my family found ourselves in the midst of the sickies that lasted in one form or another for 3 weeks. In the past we had made an advent Christmas chain that had a handwritten family activity on each link that led to a star at the top with Jesus written on it. This year proved to be a whole different sort of Christmas for us altogether. We spent much more time at home and at first I was disappointed, then I began to enjoy this time at home with my family. There are so many activities at Christmas everywhere and I do enjoy them, but I sure enjoyed my slow relaxed time with my family.

We made some ornaments, graham cracker gingerbread-type houses, lots of coffee with whipped cream and sprinkles, Christmas movies from the special basket, tree searching, yummy meal without all of the stress. There were so many handmade gifts from my children I couldn't contain the emotion and teared up during the unwrapping.

I will show you my most wonderful handmade gifts from my children this week. xo

This week there are a few doctor appointments (i have had some health issues), but for the most part things are still peaceful and S-L-O-W on the homefront...I likey!

We are finally getting those boxes that are still here and there from when we moved here a year ago taken care of. Puttering around, watching movies with home popped corn, petting the new horse, feeding and walking the house critters and outdoor critters too. Trying to fix a slow drain in the bathroom sink myself too. phew!...we will see.

For the most part sticking as close to home and cherishing the peacefulness as much as I can before we start homeschooling again and my quarter with college starts back up again too.

Hoping your week is a slow one too!

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  1. I love this site, Lori. It makes me feel all warm and cozy and happy. Thank you. You are a blessing!