Monday, December 13, 2010

Girls Day Out

 My girls and I felt the urge to get out of dodge a few days ago....that and I had to turn in my final portfolio on campus for Fall Quarter.
 We started out by doing just that. 

I love the campus at Evergreen State. So much art incorporated into architecture.
Who says buildings have to be boring?

 Then we headed off for a little nibble over at Applebee's. Courtesy of a gift card my mom and step dad gave me for graduating with my AAS this past June....we loved it there. Snacked on chicken strips and fries...enough to sustain us while we headed out to Starbucks.

Sophie and Hannah got hot apple cider with whipped cream and caramel sauce on top. 
I got my favorite-Cinnamon Dulce Leche with Extra Caramel Please :o)
I think Tessa and Aliss got the same, but I couldn't be sure of it because as soon as I took my first sip I went to my happy place.

 :: unrelated ::
found this photo on my camera that Tessa snapped...I love it
 people think that cats like to lay on everything...
I was assembling all of my fabrics and trims to make the Gingerbread Aprons for the kids and turned my back for one second....the humanity!

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  1. Aliss got the same as you but I got a peppermint mocha ;) Fun day! Love ya