Tuesday, December 7, 2010

changes of scenery around here

Who would have thunk that working on a blog while sick would be good therapy?
I added buttons to the header and am still playing with them. 
The shop one is done and I think the critters one is done...
I think.

My girl Tessa from Crazy Milkshake loves clothes
was so creative and adjusted the shading on my banner 
AND added all of the viney stuff around the edges one at a time.
thank you Tessa~ love you!

You know what tickles me?
checking in here and 
seeing my list of followers expanding each week 
(its on the sidebar to the right if you would like to follow too)

I have been meeting some new friends here and am thankful for that. the blogging community is so full of kind and creative people.
When you comment it makes my day! :o)
I hope all is going well for you in the midst of the Christmas Season!