Monday, November 9, 2015

Hello Monday: HooHoos, Corn and Apples


Autumn has been busy here. My busy may not be as busy as yours, but alas it is busy for me. 

*Making HooHoo orders and sending them to their new homes. I love how you can see those big round eyes through the packaging.

*Picking corn before the Coons get them. Recently our YorkiePoo bee-lined for the garden. I followed her to find cornstalks pulled down and shredded corn. Definitely a sign of Coons. So what does a girl do, but rearrange her day to pick it all. Not good at sharing with chicken killers and knee-biters(yes, I was bit...different story). Blanched it, froze it and hung some of the bitten cobs for seed.

*Apples....sigh. The trees were loaded this year. We have 7 trees. We munch from Spring til Fall on fresh apples. I picked a wheel-barrow full of different varieties and then promptly forgot about them while visiting family in NY State for a week. It rained while I was gone. Good thing is my wheel-barrow has a few rusted holes haha! So I am culling about a fourth of the barrow, but freezing the rest.

I look forward to apple sauces for pancake topping, etc this winter and knobby apple cake. yum!

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