Thursday, September 3, 2015

from tournament to market

We had a busy weekend with a 3-day soccer tournament in Tacoma with Sophie's soccer team the Mavericks. They are an amazing group of young athletes who won a tournament of 5 games spanning 3 days and one of the games against girls 2 years older. Way to go Mavericks and Sophie!

We decided since we were under an hour away from Pike's Place Market to spend the rest of the Sunday afternoon there as a family (except for missing Zack). It was just what I stroll amongst the throngs of people of all different kinds and people watch, smell wonderful smells and hear street musicians...sigh.

(living statue-loved how he played with the little kids)

we found inexpensive parking (hoorah!)...found our way to the top of the market (hoorah!)...found yummy foods for less than an arm and a leg in a little mom and pop type deli. they had amazing huge baked potatoes loaded with goodies that you microwaved. we dont own a microwave, and we survived. :)

the hum of the market was wonderful with so much life and different types of it at that! its funny that i find myself a person that is balanced between intro and extrovert. i love my alone time and quiet...hence living rural on a farm BUT i love all different types of people too...and the buildings, oh my.

it was a fun day and im glad Tessa suggested we do it. my girl Aliss also bought me an amazing bouquet with the most beautiful dahlias in it. sigh. you are amazing Pike Place Market. we shall meet again and hopefully this time it wont be years in between.

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