Monday, November 16, 2015

Visiting Home

Recently I traveled back home to SW New York with my oldest daughter Tessa and granddaughter Fiona. The traveling wasn't the greatest in and out of Chicago from turbulence. Over all it was the best visit I have had. I loved time with family that I haven't seen in 8 years. My aunts hugged on me like no other...except my dad. xoxo

Such a special photo above. At this moment Fiona is the youngest from the Mullen's in my bloodline. To see her at my Great Grandma's house warms my heart so much.

 (my grandma's barn) had to capture it xoxo thank you Tessa

Three generations in front of Great Grandma's house. Wish someone else could have been there too so dad didn't have to take the photo and it could have been four generations in the photo. Its crazy how the house looks different in my mind than what it actually looked like. Little girl me remembers it being SUUUPER tall and the driveway being like climbing a mountain. lol! Dad reminded me that I went there at Christmas time. That makes sense....a 9 yr old walking up a driveway in ice and snow.

The above 3 photos were of the Mullen Family Cemetery. Dad took us for a drive one day around beautiful hilltops and valleys. It was a couple miles from Great Grandma's house in the middle of a field. What a memorable day to spend with my dad.

So enjoyed my time with my family. Even spent  a few hours with some family from my mom's side that live in that area. It really was such a rich time filled with family...won't forget it for a very long time.

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  1. beautiful photos lori and it looks like a special family time,
    melissa X