Monday, November 29, 2010

crafting :: Young and Old(er)

Sophie and Hannah have been sewing and doing many other other crafts lately. 
It is like a workshop around here! :o)

I have snuck in time here and there to do some crafting myself
I had this notion that I should make some totes for little girls like the Giddy-Up skirts that I have made in the past.

They turned out super cute if I can say so myself
Now they are just waiting to be loved on by a little girl and filled with all sorts of treasures
I just added them to my shop.


  1. how cute! i wish we could get together for a sewing day. my girl would LOVE it!

  2. Randi,
    that would be so much fun. "I" would love it!
    lots of sewing, chatter and yummy food...