Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Around my home

:: In the kitchen ::
Roast  beef, carrots and potatoes one night turned into beef soup for lunch the next day
Smells heavenly!

:: Kids ::
Hannah and Sophie have been designing and embroidering the cutest applique pillows
Hannah = frog sitting on a lily pad 
(she will sell it in my Etsy shop as soon as I list it)
Sophie = mouse standing in front of his hole in the wall nibbling a piece of cheese
Aliss = teaching herself chords on the guitar and singing songs from church with it
Zack = whatever 14 year old boys do beside the xbox hehe
Tessa = waiting patiently for her car to be fixed, 
also has a family shoot coming up with a sweet pregnant mama in it

:: Creating ::
working on a Poochie Purse design 
for a purse type carrier for sweet little doggies to be close to their people...
It is proving more difficult than I wanted because of the nature of using repurposed furniture showroom samples. 
I will live though! hehe
also I have been feeling the urge to create another herd of candy colored ponies for Giddy-Up skirts BUT also for tote bags. I dreamt of them one thats scary!
(there are lots of pretties over in My Shop now)

:: outside ::
The rain is pouring down, bunnies are snuggled in and most of the leaves have fallen to the ground except for some strong-willed apple trees.
the steer come to the pasture fence every morning and call out for their morning hay too.

winter is upon us

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