Tuesday, November 16, 2010


in therapy circles boundaries are what we put around us to let in (or not) others.

on our land we put up fences.

on garments we sew to the end of the fabric.

the same goes with reading a book....to the edge of the paper.

then we flip to a new page and start a fresh page.

Life seems to be on the verge of flipping to a new page for the kids and I. New home, new vehicle (thank you God), new college (studying for the BA now)...

Why is it so hard for our views of ourselves to budge boundaries? We still see ourselves as we always have instead of what we are becoming? Even though we aren't there yet.

As I am nearing flipping the page in my life to one child becoming on her own, 4 other children growing more in every possible way every day, being on the cusp of finally helping others through hard times as a professional and realizing that through all of this I have always been this person inside....she has just been on more of a journey lately.

physical boundaries change...we can see them which helps them be more permanent in our minds.

emotional boundaries with who we have been, who we are now and who we will become are a little more difficult to make concrete.

we tend to judge worth on accomplishments instead of  kindness, a smile and just plain being....

today..i am going to be aware of my thoughts on who I am while I am getting to where I want to be and like her


  1. Thank you for sharing these thoughts. I am taking them in a processing them for myself.

  2. NanaBeast,
    this post kind of surprised me.
    I didn't sit down to write it, it just seemed to write itself.
    Glad it touches you