Saturday, January 5, 2013


I haven't made resolutions for several years now, but do try to keep in mind aspects of my life to keep before God that need some help. ;o)

One of those this year is one that is heard a lot in many lives. My health! Oh boy, have the last two years been a rollercoaster. A couple of Decembers have passed since I found myself with Pneumonia and almost complete adrenal exhaustion. It has been an uphill battle in nutritional changes and spiritual trust. It was more complex than I could have ever imagined, but now I am thinking I am coming over the top of it and am oh so ready to step more fully away from it. God has been such an anchor to me.

I started a new job this past year that I get to help foster youth learn living skills and much mentoring happens. I am going to an interview on Monday for a second job that I would work as an Independent Social Worker helping biological parents of foster parents get the resources they need to get their kids back. I do believe that some people can change and everyone deserves the chance to do that.

I have made new friends and let go of other friends. Transitioning out of a life that was built around a marriage that is no longer there. It hurts at first, but over time I knew it was the right choice. Being true to me.

I have started some fix-it-up stuff at my house. A little here and a little there and it is feeling more like home to me after three years living here.

I am looking forward to the journey that God has me on for 2013!
Lori xo

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