Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sophie is 9

Sophie baked her cake and I decorated it Zoobles style. We have done this type of cake in the past; scrubbing up a favorite figurine and decorating a cake with it. BTW did you know that if you are in a cake decorating pinch and don't have any frosting bags on hand you can snip the corner of a ziploc baggie, insert a tip in it and use it for the decorating. Treat it the same as a regular frosting bag and squeeze from the top down toward the frosting tip. If you have extra cheap baggies though (as I grabbed the first time) don't waste your time. It explodes out the side (ahem). Lotsa fun!                                                                                                              

the baby turning NINE is bittersweet. One last year before turning the double digits....but the sweet changes that I get to watch this one walk through. Some the same as older sisters and some so unique to her. 

Sophie had a blast at her party! She loved it that she had the cake that she helped make and was decorated in her favorite toys. With waves on the sides even. ;o)
She and friends swam like the fish at the YMCA and partied hard with cake and ice-cream/sherbet cups.

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