Tuesday, March 1, 2011

little helpers :: making snacks

 After moving here we have had a hard time finding our routine. You know the routine of when who does what chore. Before we moved we had a variety of chore charts starting with blank postcards and mama made drawings on them depicting the chore to be done. They started out in one envelope and when the little one finished they were transferred to another envelope.


Now the youngest is turning NINE...sigh. After finding ourselves deeper and deeper in mama grumbling about this mess and that mess we are going back to the chore chart. There is just something concrete to see what needs to be done and the satisfaction of checking it off.

 With five hungry tummies (of the growing kid variety) around here there is a much needed snack around 3pm. And as one of my goals in life is to encourage my children to be good cooks and conscious of nutrition it would make sense for Sophie and Hannah to rotate the snack chore. They love it.

A chance to do a little impromptu (and invisible) on-air cooking show for the viewers. It gives them a great sense of accomplishment and us a yummy treat!

Tuna melts ala Sophie:
lay out bread (your choice of kinds)
top with tuna/mayo mixture
and top again with cheese (we like Tillamook Cheddar)
broil~be aware that it can burn quickly if you don't keep a close eye on it

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