Wednesday, February 16, 2011

shoveling dirt

I think of writing to you several times a day about our days here on Melbourne Road. But then I don't have a picture to share...that is sad really. The lack of pictures.

I did get some photos the other day when Hannah, Sophie and I did some gardening.

We put on our rubber boots a few days ago on a sunny day and headed out to the pasture. We brought with us a wheelbarrow and shovels. We were on a mission to save daffodils.

 The loan that we are getting to buy this house is including the exterior lap siding to be replaced for many reasons. Well, alongside the house skirting are numerous little green spikes shooting up out of the dirt. I couldn't bear for them to get crushed when the siding gets torn off and replaced so we are finding other gardens to transplant them into. 

The next step is to move the peonies that are there to a safe place too.

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