Monday, February 21, 2011

let's talk about the weather

this morning Aliss has sausage sizzling on the stove while potatoes wait to be added.
I am sitting here chatting with you. Just finished reading an email from my professor at college telling me about the speaker who will visit this weekend at class.
The dogs are laying about; Bear just laying and Daisy chewing a rawhide bone like its jerky.
Cockatiels are reminding me its time to uncover their cage and the sun is breaking though the thick white clouds for a moment.

Sophie and Hannah took a walk in the sunshine with me yesterday. We headed down Melbourne and found our neighbor in her yard with her full-sized pig following her like a dog. What a sight! the girls ran over to pet her (the pig, not the neighbor lol).
We walked around her yard talking about the Canadian Geese who are landing across the river from her house and we see flying in, firewood to last the end of winter and proper ways to use the chainsaw to save our backs, labs who run amuch and we still love them and more.

I love chatting with my neighbors.

little spikes of green are growing out of the earth into taller spikes of green...primroses have flowers on them and peonies and rhubarb are peeking red nubs up too...

Can you feel it? It's not here all of the way yet...soon. Soon.

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