Monday, January 24, 2011

New lease on life

So good to be back here! Boy oh boy has my body been through the ringer. You know a person can learn all sorts of insight into themselves and those around them in times of quiet of the body.
I sure have.
I have learned that people like to help me. Not out of obligation, but out of kindness and caring. I have had that backward for quite awhile and I have a sense that many others do to. It feels really good to let the boundary down and allow people in that area. It can be debilitating to carry a load alone. I guess the thing that concerned me with help in the past was reciprocation. At this point in my life I am short on time and financial means (if you get my drift). When a well-meaning gift comes along it can un-nerve me for a second. I need to get over it...reprogram so to speak. When I give a gift or do something kind I sure don't expect something in return so I need to figure the same about others.

Anyway, that was one of my epiphany's while drifting between fainting spells. Maybe I am too thick-headed for God to reach me any other way. lol

I am seeing some great response in my body to the adrenal stuff and a dear friend Lise has come alongside me and is showing me some neat healthy alternatives that I will try to explain further in the future when I know more of it myself. It all starts with a Zitoscan that tells you what sorts of foods are allergies, deficient vitamins and tons more info. So far Zack and I have had it done and it really shows light on some things.

My professors and classmates have been so compassionate also during this time that is so humbling to me. There are no words.

And all of the kindness from so many over at Facebook. I just feel so cared for in word and action how could I not heal from it all?

::there is this appreciation within me for the simple things 
that wasn't there before::
To sit at the table on the laptop and be in the midst of my chilren in a busy home 
instead of propped up in bed. 
To walk to the pasture and pet the steer and on the way back see little buds of green 
pushing up through the flower garden on the front sidewalk.
driving myself somewhere and not seeing the worry on my kids faces because I am a passenger
walk through the livingroom and see the houses made for teddy bears
help with schoolwork
attend church with my family-I missed them!
pull warm clothes from a dryer
the list goes on and on...

So now I will get back to taking photos and sharing life here at our farm on Melbourne Road.

Hope your family is happy and healthy!

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