Tuesday, January 11, 2011

the body

the body is an amazing machine.
this past couple of weeks I have found myself in a health crisis starting with Pneumonia and continuing to the present with Adrenal Exhaustion. People say that healing from Pneumonia takes a long time...it seems the easier of the two maladies to me.

I never in my life realized what effects the adrenals have on a body. Boy do I ever now!

This has been a nightmare...I really thought I would die from the fainting spells, irregular heart beat and low blood pressure. For hours and hours without reason and MOSTLY at night when a girl needs to sleep.

Sooooo..now with the help of some friends and health manuals we have researched supplements for adrenal exhaustion. Doctors really don't do much with adrenals so I am essentially on my own...but with the help of friends and Google. Today is the first day of somewhat good health...oh am I thankful!

There has been MUCH PRAYING and resting and hopefully I have the schedule of the supplements down now.

This morning I was able to:
start the fire
start a home buyer course online to finish up my requirements for purchasing this home
talk on the phone with several contractors who are the last ones to send in their bids
walk across the street to check the mail
do Sophie's hair to look like a Horse's Mane
do Hannah's hair to look like rabbit ears
*doing the hair on my girls was my highlight*

Here's to good health and learning to take it easier on my body while getting healthier to do the heavy work again!
Hope this finds you all in good health as we start this year of 2011


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