Saturday, January 9, 2010

In the kitchen:: Sprinkled Pretzel Bits

One of our family Christmas traditions is to make chocolate dipped pretzel logs. We line the table with waxed paper and take turns either dipping the pretzels or sprinkling them. There is much quality control tasting going on during the process so that only the best pretzels are made too.

This year because we were in the middle of the move between homes we weren't going to dip pretzels. It wasn't a conscious choice, it was just forgotten. Good thing we were having a Holiday Party for some family and friends shortly after Christmas because Tessa added these to the finger foods to be served.
I am so glad that she remembered. We didn't get any sent out to family or given to friends, but it wouldn't have seemed so festive without some Homemade Christmas Goodie to snack on at home.


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