Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Handmade for Christmas

 I thought handmade for Christmas was pretty much over for me giving to my kids except for quilts etc because the youngest is 14. I couldnt come up with anything to make. This year was a surprise and I enjoyed it! I did make the quilt above and gave it to my son, but it was still a fun quilt to make and he seems to like it. I designed a fox apron for my 22 year old daughter Aliss. It was fun to do. It will be getting a tweaking of an apron pocket and longer straps. I think I have made children sized things for too long and gave her short waist straps.

On Christmas morning my family opened paint smocks, quilt, French Press Cozie and a fox apron. It was wonderful to see them opening things that I dreamed up and crafted from flat pieces of fabric into things they will love.

Next was designing patchwork French Press Coffee cozies. So many choices to put together. I gave one of these to my 25 year old daughter Tessa and sold a few at a Christmas Bazaar.

I came up with a few new designs for lissilulu this year too. The Mercy Bear above was crafted out of a love for a dear friends one year old daughters 1st birthday. Her name is Mercy. She isnt a teddy so I named her after Mercy. <3 p="">I made and sold quite a few Mercy Bears and loved each of them.

Giddy-Up pillows headed out the door to other homes, along with Essential Oil Cases, quilts and a Mermaid tail snugglie that was plain ole amazing to have made. Sometimes our creations arent what we dreamed up and sometimes they exceed our dreams...this was one of the latter.

 I hope you had someone to share Christmas with and are safe and loved as we start this new year.

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