Thursday, August 13, 2015

to the beach

My amazing daughter Tessa said we should make a visit to the beach as a family after church last week. At first I thought it would be too much work, but am so glad we went. I packed snack foods like cheese cubes, pickle spears, sandwich fixins and crackers in the picnic basket along with a blanket and pillows and off we went.

Tessa, Elijah and Fiona look absolutely adorable as a young family. This was Fiona's first time walking in the sand. Oh those baby toes...

Aliss, Hannah and Sophie spent quite some time climbing all over the rock jetty. And when they came back Sophie and I walked in the surf. We started out barely in the water on our walk away from the picnic area and by the time we got back Sophie was hip high in the water. She is in the photo above almost out to where the surfers were...she could have high fived them!

Great family day for some down time while the nice weather is here. I have felt a small shift in the mornings and evenings...Fall is coming closer.

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