Friday, April 26, 2013

speed bump

I hit a slump and a pretty big one at that. Life was moving along at top-notch speed like it does and then all of a sudden I realize that I don't have as much joy as usual and am getting more and more crabby with the kids and wanting to stay home more and not socialize. yikes!

What to do, what to do?

Well, I figured a good visit or two with my two favorite friends would help and it did.

Slowing down and being intentional when I am at home helps. Paying attention to ONE thing at a time....hard, very hard. So good though.

Really listening to my kids. enough said.

Taking short breaks when I work from home. This way home isn't a drudgy ugly place, but a place that is a blessing to be able to work from home and also enjoy home too.

Give myself GRACE when things don't go the way planned. BREATH.

Remember that I am one and mom wrapped up in one, but ONE woman. Remind my kids of that too. Super woman capes are a sham.

Noticing the small things and being so thankful that I live in the home I do, drive a dependable car, have food to eat, arms to hug me and ears to listen to me. so very thankful.

Worship music sung loudly...reading aloud Proverbs in the Word.

Even with doing the above things it takes time to pull out of a slump. Being patient with myself in the process.

What do you do to help you out of slumps?

Lori xo

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  1. getting outside, counting my blessings, slowing down with my babies, and yes, showing myself grace.